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Semiconductor Gases

AGT International offers a niche range of ultra pure gases used in the semiconductor industry.

Our semiconductor grade gases are used in applications ranging from propylene used in ashable hard mask, methane and carbon monoxide for etch modulation and ethylene used for carbon replenishment in the dielectric layer. We understand the demanding quality requirements of the industry and support our customers with improved tolerances, ship to control and SPC/SQC data.

Our standard products are shown below and in all cases if the specification required is not shown we are able to provide customised specifications.

Product Chemical Formula Purity Range Available
Carbon Monoxide CO 99.99% to 99.999%
Ethane C2H6 99.995% to 99.9995%
Ethylene C2H4 99.999% to 99.9995%
Methane CH4 99.999% to 99.9999%
Propylene C3H6 99.95% to 99.995%