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Hydrocarbon Refrigerants

With zero ozone depletion, AGT International’s low moisture hydrocarbons are the refrigerants of choice for environmentally friendly applications.

Our hydrocarbon refrigerants are guaranteed low moisture versions of our standard range of hydrocarbons and are used in applications ranging from domestic refrigerators to low temperature accelerators. We also have significant experience in the supply logistics of large volumes of R290 (propane) and R170 (ethane) in refinery start up applications.

Our standard products are shown below and in all cases if the specification required is not shown we are able to provide customised specifications.

RefrigerantChemical NamePurity Range Available
R170 Ethane 99.5%
R290 Propane 99.5%
R600 n-Butane 99.5%
R600a Isobutane 99.5%
R1270 Propylene 99.5%