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Vinyl Acetylene (1-buten-3-yne)


Vinyl acetylene is produced by chemical synthesis and analysed to ensure compliance to our published specification. It is stabilised in a 50 wt% mixture with xylene.

Standard Specifications

This product is manufactured on a batch basis, please contact us for a detailed analysis.

Purity / Assay
Impurities (Mol %)
Other Impurities < 2

Please contact us if the specification you require is not shown above. AGT International is able to custom manufacture different specifications according to your requirements.


Standard Cylinder Sizes and Fill Volumes

Cylinder Information
Cylinder Size Fill Volume** (kg)
L454 200.0
L30 50.0
L05 10.0
L03 5.0
L01 2.5
Lecture bottle 0.25

* Dip tube available for liquid withdrawal

** Weight includes 50% xylene stabiliser

Click on the cylinder size for full details. If you require a different container size please contact us.


Technical Information

Technical Data Shipping Information
Molecular Weight (g/mol) 52.00 Shipping Name Compressed gas, flammable, nos
Liquid Density (kg/m³)   Hazard Class 2.1
Gas Density (kg/m³)   UN No. UN 1954
Boiling point (°C) 5.1 Hazard Label Flammable Gas
Specific Volume (m³/kg)   CAS No. 689-97-4
Vapour Pressure (bar.a @ 20°C) 0.82  
Valve Outlet CGA 510 / BS 4